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April 3, 2023 Breen Twp. Meeting Minutes

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

Breen Township Monthly Board Meeting Minutes

Mission Covenant Church Fellowship Hall

DATE April 3, 2023 Time 6:00_ PM

PRAYER - Gus Murray led in prayer



In attendance: Rob Massie, Katie Dixon, Gus Murray, Travis Woodward, Mickey Reynolds

Also attending: Debbie Milligan, Rob Fox, Belva Gustafson, Clayton Dixon

3. Input by Members

Gus Murray talked about NMU’s internet service. We could get them to put a device on the tower in Foster City if enough people contact them for service. The process is very easy.

Go to-

Scroll down to request service

Fill out the form and submit

If enough people request service, they will likely place something on our tower.

4. Citizen’s Time - NONE

5. Approve/Amend Agenda

Discussion: Rob Massie asked to add to 13 D. Rescue UTV

A motion was made to add this to the agenda and approve it as amended by Rob and supported by Katie Dixon, which passed 5 to 0.

6. MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETING [presented on-line and on paper by Gus Murray]

Motion to accept by: Rob Massie supported by: Katie Dixon Vote: passed 5 to 0.


1. General Fund Checking $ 2452.79

2. Money Market $ 375208.40

3. Roads Checking $ 625.18

4. Roads Savings $ 161554.23

5. River Valley Fire Dept. Checking $ 233670.28

6. Commercial Savings account $ 87765.40

7. Oscar Johnson Memorial Fund $ 2017.11

Motion to accept by: Rob Massie Support by: Travis Woodward

Vote: passed 5 to 0 on a roll call vote


Gus Murray explained that his Notary Commission is set to expire on May 12, 2023. He has been a Notary for the township and in the past the township paid for the cost. He has agreed to continue to do this if the board wants him to. The bonding cost $55 and the license cost $20. Katie Dixon made a motion to pay the cost for Gus to be a notary, supported by Rob Massie and passed on a roll call vote 5 to 0.

1. Hannula Insurance [Bond for Notary] 55.00

2. Dickinson Co. Equalization Dept. [B.O.R. ad] 209.04

3. Menards [H. Hall supplies] 34.46

4. Luft’s Advertiser [summer tax printing] 774.41

5. Travis Woodward [snow plowing] 1180.00

6. USPS [Treasurer’s office supplies] 126.00


Motion to pay the bills by: Katie Dixon Support by: Rob Massie

Vote: passed 5 to 0 on a roll call vote


Rob reported that the coaches that will use the baseball field in Hardwood this year want to use some of the money to fix the field. The township agrees to this as that is what that money is for.

10. Parks + rec. – Belva said she had a request to open Stromberg Park early. The township board said they would not open the park early.

T-ball will use the baseball field on all Sundays from May to June 5th. Sam Mattson is the contact person for T-ball.

11. Fire Dept. report - None


A. Approve 2023-24 budget - All board members were sent the proposed budget via email before the meeting. Katie Dixon made a motion to approve the proposed budget for the year 2023-24, which was supported by Rob Massie and passed on a roll call vote 5 to 0.

B. 2023 poverty exemption – Our township needs to approve the form to apply for this tax exemption. The form was discussed and Rob Massie made a motion to approve the form presented. Support was given by Katie Dixon and the motion passed 5 to 0 on a roll call vote.

C. Verizon cell phone project – This summer, with board approval, Verizon plans to use the tower in Foster City. Katie Dixon made a motion to allow this project, which was supported by Travis Woodward and passed on a roll call vote 5 to 0.

D. Rescue UTV – Travis Woodward talked about the need for a rescue UTV. The approximate price would be $40000. This would be split four ways, with the three townships and the TTAA each paying a share. Discussion was held about this topic. Questions were asked about where the UTV would be stored. This should be decided in the next few months.


A. Land swap – Nothing from the lawyer yet.


Debbie Milligan – asked about the Feb. meeting when a public hearing was discussed. Rob explained at our March meeting we would put out information on the website to see if there was any interest from the public in such a meeting. The board decided that we will not have a public hearing, that citizens can come to our regular board meetings to express concerns.


Katie Dixon: None

Rob Massie: None

Gus Murray: There have been some requests for a beach volleyball court at Peterson Park in Foster City. Some discussion was held about this possibility. Gus Murray made a motion to put in a beach volleyball court this spring if the cost is $500 or less. The motion was supported by Katie Dixon and passed 5 to 0 on a roll call vote. Gus and Travis will be in charge of this project.

Travis Woodward: None

Mickey Reynolds: None

16. Motion to Adjourn by: Katie Dixon at 6:46 pm Support by: Travis Woodward

Vote: passed 5 to 0.

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