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August 7, 2023 Breen Twp. Meeting Minutes

Breen Township Monthly Board Meeting Minutes

Mission Covenant Church Fellowship Hall

DATE August 7, 2023 Time 6:00_ PM

PRAYER - led by Ben Aho




In attendance: Travis Woodward, Katie Dixon, Gus Murray, Ben Aho,

Mickey Reynolds- absent

Also attending: Debbie Milligan, Rob Fox, Belva Gustafson, Kevin Cary, Kathryn Cary

4 Input by members

Travis said that the beach volleyball court is ready for use. There were over 50 people using it last Sunday evening.

Gus welcomed Ben Aho as our new supervisor. Travis thanked Rob Massie for his time of service on the township board.

5. Citizen’s Time

A. Debbie Milligan spoke about the minutes from the July meeting. She also asked where in our community posting are displayed. Gus said they are posted at Da Hardwood Store, At the Fire Hall, at the Mission Covenant Church Fellowship Hall and on our website.

B. Belva Gustafson said that the Stromberg Park sign on Fordville Road needs to be fixed.

6. Approve/Amend Agenda

Katie Dixon made a motion to approve the agenda and Travis Woodward supported it.

Discussion – Debbie Milligan questioned the format of the agenda. It was decided to strike number 14 “Input by Members” from the agenda. Katie’s motion was rescinded.

Travis Woodward made a motion to approve the agenda as amended, which was supported by Katie Dixon and passed 4 to 0.

7. Minutes from previous meeting’s

Discussion: Debbie Milligan questioned the interviewing session by the board. She also questioned the July 3rd meeting. The motion to accept Rob Massie’s resigning was a vote of 3 to 0 not 4 to 0.

A motion to accept the minutes from the July 3rd meeting with the above change and the special meeting was made by Katie Dixon and supported by Travis Woodward. It passed 4 to 0.

8. Treasurer’s Report –

1. General Fund $ 14695.94

2. Money Market $ 338599.10

3. Roads Checking $ 625.18

4. Roads Savings $ 199452.13

5. Fire Dept. Checking $ 236469.40

6. Commercial Savings $ 87808.70

7. Fun League $ 2270.80

8. Oscar Johnson Mem. $ 2017.11

Motion to accept by- Gus Murray Support by- Ben Aho

Vote: Passed 4 to 0 on a roll call vote

9. Review monthly bills

1. Stenberg Brothers [H. Hall + Stromberg park boat launch] $150

2. BS+A Software $1312

3. Da Hardwood Store $269.88

4. Rod Carlson [ P. Park Beach Volleyball sand] $1600

5. Luft’s Advertiser [Tax Printing] $711.75

6. Katie Dixon[Office supplies- 126.10 + 20.13] $146.23

7. Cloots and Swanson [H. Hall supplies] $35

8. Gus Murray [notary stamp] $27.28

Fire Dept. Checking/Debit card

1. NAPA [filters and oil] $350.18

A motion to pay the bills was made by Katie Dixon and supported by Travis Woodward. It passed on a roll call vote 4 to 0.

10 Communications

Zoning will be discussed next month

11 Fire Dept. report

Rob Fox reported that they had one call out.

Rob also said that they have two tankers and only need one. He said that we could put the large one out on bids. Ben Aho will work with Rob Fox and Rob Massie to get a bid notice out.

Debbie Milligan asked about the Fire dept. grant. It’s in the agenda later.

Rob Fox said they need three new sets of turn out gear. This was discussed. He also said that the Fire dept. is talking about extrication equipment.


A. Hannula Insurance Policy – Gus reported that he called Hannula Insurance about the increase. Our cost went from about $9,000 to about $12,000 in one year.

B. Approve new supervisor’s discretionary spending limit – The supervisor’s spending limit is for the supervisor position so we are OK at this time. It is set at $2000 for the supervisor.

C. Supervisor credit card – Discussion was held about this topic with no decision.

D. Gus Murray said he is resigning as of Sept. 30, 2023. He recommended hiring an election deputy clerk for the new clerk as elections are becoming a burden. He also said we should buy books from the MTA, at a cost of $241, for the new Supervisor and Clerk.

Katie Dixon made a motion to purchase these books which was supported by Travis Woodward and passed on a roll call vote 4 to 0.

Katie Dixon made a motion to accept Gus’ resignation, with regrets, which was supported by Ben Aho and passed 3 to 0.


A. DCRC Harry Peterson Rd bill – This bill has been approved already and will be paid

B. Trees in cemetery – Gus reported that there are two trees in the cemetery that need to come down. One is dead and the other broke off about half way up. He said we could hire Quentin Olson or he would do it for $200. We will check with Quentin to see what he will charge.

C. Mowing – discussion was held about the mowing of the Hardwood Hall and Stromberg Park and also collecting the garbage at Stromberg Park. Katie Dixon made a motion to continue to pay Belva $100 per month to mow the Hardwood Hall and pay Scott Gustafson $200 a month for 5 months [May to Sept.] for mowing the H. Hall, Stromberg Park and collecting the garbage at Stromberg Park which was supported by Travis Woodward. A roll call vote was taken that went as follows: Dixon – yes, Woodward – yes, Murray – no, Aho abstains.

The motion passes 2 to 1 to 1

D. Water tank at cemetery – Gus reported that we need to fix the water tank before next year.

Travis said he will check with the Road Commission for treated posts.

E. Fire Dept. Grant – The grant has been applied for and is in the works.

F. Land Swap – nothing new

Gus reported about the pension plan. They have not received our check for payment for this year yet. Katie will check into this.

Ben Aho said he has a lot of reading and work to do about the supervisor job.

14. A motion to adjourn was made by Katie Dixon at 7:10 pm which was supported by Travis Woodward and passed 4 to 0.

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