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Breen Township is requesting bids

Breen Township Fire Department currently has stored building materials in the fire hall that are not being used and are in the way.

Breen Twp is selling the building materials in two separate Lump Sums to the highest bidder(s).

The materials being sold are:

Material Bid #1 - Lumber

11 – 16’ 2x4’s whitewood

78 – 12’ 2x4’s whitewood

8 - 2x4’s, pressure treated

2 - 12' 6x6’s, pressure treated

Material Bid #2 - Fiberglass Insulation

9 rolls - R-13 Kraft 61.3 sqft per roll

12 – R-21 (7 batt packs) 5 ½ x 23 x93

Written Bids must be received no later than the Breen Twp Board meeting on 12/4/23 @ 6pm. Bid winner must provide a check for payment for the materials to the Breen Twp Treasurer by 12/8. Materials must be picked up from the fire hall no later than 12/15/23.

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