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Breen Twp. Board Meeting Minutes March 6, 2023

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

Breen Township Monthly Board Meeting Minutes

Mission Covenant Church Fellowship Hall

DATE March 6, 2023 Time 6:00_ PM

PRAYER - led by Gus Murray


2.ROLL CALL In attendance: Rob Massie, Katie Dixon, Gus Murray, Travis Woodward, Mickey Reynolds Also attending: Belva Gustafson, Rob Fox, Roger Nord

3. Input by Members Gus reported on the flags for the cemetery. He will order them in April so it will go on next years budget. Travis Woodward said he plowed at the dump today and it is all ice underneath.

4. Citizen’s Time Roger Nord – he said that he and Becky will signing on the old LC’s bar on Friday and wanted the township to know.

5. Approve/Amend Agenda Motion by:Rob Massie Support by: Katie Dixon Vote: passed 5 to 0.

6. MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETING [presented on-line and on paper by Gus Murray] Motion to accept by: Katie Dixon supported by: Rob Massie Vote: passed 5 to 0


1. General Fund Checking $ 5533.90

2. Money Market $ 365205.01

3. Roads Checking $ 625.18

4. Roads Savings $ 161554.23

5. River Valley Fire Dept. Checking $ 233268.07

6. Commercial Savings account $ 87765.40

7. Parks Checking Account $ 29020.83

8. O.J. Memorial Fund $ 2017.11

Motion to accept by : Travis Woodward Support by: Rob Massie Vote: passed 5 to 0 on a roll call vote


1. Travis Woodward [snow plowing] 885.00 TOTAL 885.00

F.D. Checking / Debit Card 1. Debit card [amazon] [backpack sprayers 916.30 Total 916.30

Motion to pay the bills by : Rob Massie Support by: Katie Dixon Vote: passed on a roll call vote 5 to 0. 9.


A. D.C. Road Commission – The Harry Peterson road project will be done this coming summer – 2023. The Swan Peterson Road may get done in the summer of 2024.

B. Rob reported on the grants that the DCRC gets. They have to spend $500,000 on nonmotorized trails in the next 3 years.

10. Parks + Rec. - Nothing

11. Fire Dept report- Roger Nord said they responded to a fire in Sagola Township. Rob Massie asked Roger Nord to set all new lock codes on the Fire Hall doors. Roger said he would do that.

12. New Business

A. Budget meeting – after some discussion it was decided to have the budget work session meeting on Thursday March 23, 2023 at 6 pm.


A. Land Swap – The lawyer has not got it done yet as he is short staffed. He said it will be done for next month.

B. Bids for SCBA tanks – we received one sealed bid from Sands Twp. Rob opened the bid and it was for $8200 for our 12 tanks. Much discussion was held about the new tanks and how they are used. After much more discussion Gus Murray made a motion to keep the 12 new tanks for our Fire Dept. Katie Dixon supported and the motion passed on a roll call vote 5 to 0.

C. Public Hearing – Holding a public hearing to inform the public on the cost of projects in the township was discussed. We decided to put it on the website to see if we get much interest.


Roger Nord – reported that West Branch will not be taking the old tanker until this spring Belva Gustafson asked about the bids for the Fire Hall roof. Some discussion was held about the roof.


Katie Dixon: asked about the use of the DNR grant. Some discussion was held.

Rob Massie: Rob has been getting complaints about the Nordic Apartments. What can be done? Much discussion was held about this situation.

Gus Murray: None

Travis Woodward: Travis thanked Rob Fox for the work he has done for the Fire Dept.

Mickey Reynolds: None

16. Motion to Adjourn by: Katie Dixon at 6:57 pm Support by: Mickey Reynolds Vote: passed 5 to 0.

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