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November 7, 2022 Breen Twp. Meeting Minutes

Breen Township Monthly Board Meeting Minutes Mission Covenant Church Fellowship Hall DATE Nov. 7, 2022 Time 6:00_ PM

PRAYER Gus Murray led in prayer


2.ROLL CALL In attendance: Rob Massie, Katie Dixon, Gus Murray, Travis Woodward, Mickey Reynolds Also attending: Debbie Milligan, Roger Nord, Rob Fox, Belva Gustafson, Joe Basso, Lisa Casey, Kevin Cary, Kathryn Cary

3. Input by Members Travis Woodward reported that the new building in Felch for the ambulance will be ready soon.

4. Citizens’ Time Debbie Milligan pointed out some grammar errors in the August meeting minutes. She also said that a motion was made and passed on a roll call vote but was not recorded as one. Gus will check into these mistakes and correct them. She mentioned that the amended minutes need correction.

5. Approve/Amend Agenda Motion by: Rob Massie to approve as presented. Support by: Travis Woodward Vote: Passed 5 to 0

6. MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETING [presented on-line and on paper by Gus Murray] Motion to accept by: Rob Massie supported by: Katie Dixon Vote: passed 5 to 0

7. TREASURE’S REPORT [Katie Dixon] 1. General Fund Checking $ 17769.18 2. Money Market $ 278901.35 3. Roads Checking $ 625.18 4. Roads Savings $ 133161.10 5. River Valley Fire Dept. Checking $ 215945.09 6. Commercial Savings account $ 87748.05 7. Parks Checking Account $ 29020.83 8. Oscar Johnson Memorial fund $ 2017.11 Motion to accept by : Travis Woodward Support by: Rob Massie Vote: Passed 5 to 0 on a roll call vote 8.REVIEW MONTHLY BILLS and TWP MAIL 1. Da Hardwood Store [Fuel] 59.43 2. Anderson’s Nordic Grocery [F.D. Fuel] 89.00 {F.D. Fuel] 101.01 3. Stromberg Park Campground License fee 109.00 4. CUPPAD [zoning work] 650.00 TOTAL 1008.44 F.D. Checking / Debit Card 1. El Comm {radios] 844.64 2. Gus Murray [title fee paid] 30.00 Total 874.64 Motion to pay the bills by : Katie Dixon Support by: Travis Woodward Vote: passed on a roll call vote 5 to 0

9. COMMUNICATIONS Rob reported that we need to have a planning commission meeting to discuss the tower in Foster City.

10. Parks and Rec. Rob Massie reported that the Harwood Hall is winterized. Some hunters will be arriving next weekend to stay at Stromberg for hunting season.

11. Fire Dept. Roger Nord [Fire Chief] – reported that they had two mutual aid calls recently. 12. NEW BUSINESS A. Elections – Gus reported on the election that will be held tomorrow. B. New DCRC policy – Rob Massie reported on a new policy that is being adopted by the Dickinson County Road Commission. He will get a copy of the new policy to board members soon.


A. Rescue rig bids – Rob Massie reported on the legal way to handle bids. The MTA said it is illegal not to accept the highest bid. Mike at the MTA has recorded the entire conversation so if anyone wants to contact him for questions they can. Rob Massie made a motion to accept the bid from Mark Isaacson for the rescue rig, which was supported by Katie Dixon and passed on a roll call vote 5 to 0.

B. Oscar Johnson Memorial sign – Gus reported that he talked to Lee at United Signs in Quinnesec. He said that the sign would be ready for pick up today.

C. Web site update – Joe Basso, our website person, reported that the website is up and running. All the data from the old website has been lost. Joe explained much more about the website. He will meet with the township members that post things on the site to show them how that is to be done. Debbie Milligan said she was on the site today and it works very well.

14. Citizen’s Time #2 Roger Nord – Asked about who actually owns the old rescue rig. Rob said that the title is in Breen’s name. Debbie Milligan – asked that others at the meeting would not make comments when someone is addressing the board during citizens time.

15. INPUT BY MEMBERS Katie Dixon: None Rob Massie: None Gus Murray: None Travis Woodward: None Mickey Reynolds: None

16. Motion to Adjourn by: Katie Dixon at 6:40 pm Support by: Rob Massie Vote: Passed 5 to 0

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