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Request for Bid - Hardwood Hall Furnace Replacement

Breen Twp is requesting bids to replace the furnace at the Hardwood Hall in Breen Township. Bids must be a LumpSum sealed bid, and contractor must furnish all equipment, labor, materials and disposal necessary to complete the project. Contractor must be appropriately licensed and insured. Please note the furnace brand/model in the bid.

Existing Furnace Data: The existing furnace is an EnviroPlus90 RPJII, Model: GNK125N20A3, direct vent, propane, input 125,000 btu/hr.

Bids will be received by the Breen Twp Supervisor from the date of posting until the next Twp board meeting at 6pm on Monday, January 8th, at Mission Covenant Church in Foster City, MI, where bids will be opened and awarded. Bids can be either hand delivered at the begining of the meeting, or mailed to: Breen Twp Supervisor, N6644 Old Ball Park Road, Foster City, MI 49834, so long as they arrive in the mail in time. If mailed, the bid must be inside two sealed envelopes, the internal one sealed and stating "Replacement Furnace Bid".

Installation must be completed no later than January 31st, 2024

If contractors have any questions or need access to the hall for quoting purposes, please reach out the Supervisor, Benjamin Aho at 906-261-0391 or via email at

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