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Sept 6 2022 Meeting Minutes

Updated: Oct 8, 2022

Breen Township Monthly Board Meeting Minutes

Mission Covenant Church Fellowship Hall

DATE September 6, 2022 Time 6:00_ PM

PRAYER - Led by Gus Murray



In attendance: Rob Massie, Gus Murray, Travis Woodward, Mickey Reynolds, Katie Dixon -absent

Also attending: Debbie Milligan, Rob Fox, Belva Gustafson

3. Input by Members - None

4. Citizen’s Time - Debbie Milligan said that in the Breen Twp. Policy Manual it says that when the minutes are corrected the minutes that are corrected are supposed to be left in the minutes and the new minutes are added in. This was not done in the May2, 2022 minutes. Gus will see that it is fixed.

5. Approve/Amend Agenda

Motion to approve by: Rob Massie Support by: Travis Woodward

Vote: Passed 4 to 0.

6. MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETING [presented on-line and on paper by Gus Murray]

Motion to accept by: Rob Massie supported by: Travis Woodward Vote: Passed 4 to 0.


1. General Fund Checking $ 14047.77

2. Money Market $ 283570.48

3. Roads Checking $ 625.18

4. Roads Savings $ 133161.10

5. River Valley Fire Dept. Checking $ 216473.25

6. Commercial Savings account $ 87748.05

7. Parks Checking Acct. $ 29020.83

8. Oscar G. Johnson Memorial Fund $ 2017.11

Motion to accept by : Travis Woodward Support by: Rob Massie Vote: Passed 4 to 0 on a roll call vote


1. Da Hardwood Store [Fuel] 267.10

2. Election Source [machine coding] 400.00

3. Lithocrafters Printing [dump cards] 60.76

4. Stenberg Brothers, Inc. [Stromberg toilets pumped] 725.00

TOTAL 1452.86

F.D. Checking / Debit Card

1. Town + Country [Batteries] 279.90

Total 279.90

Motion to pay the bills by : Rob Massie Support by: Mickey Reynolds

Vote: Passed 4 to 0 on a roll call vote


  1. A. Road projects – discussion was held about doing a road project next year. The two that were discussed were the Harry Peterson Road and the Swan Peterson Road. Both have stretches of pavement that need to be repaired. After some discussion, Gus Murray made a motion that if we do a road project next year that we do the Harry Peterson road from M69 to the Tower which was supported by Travis Woodward and passed on a roll call vote 4 to 0.

  2. B. We were going to use some of our gravel on the Tichelaar rd., Bradley Rd., and the Robinson Rd. but the DCRC is going to be doing some ditching and widening on the Tichelaar Rd. and replacing culverts on the other two. We won’t use our gravel until after that.

10. Parks + Rec - None

11. Fire Dept. – None – Some discussion about the Fire dept was held.


A. Appoint TTAA alternate – we need an alternate member to the Tri-Township Ambulance Authority in case a member can’t be there. The two members are Rob Massie and Travis Woodward. After some discussion, Mickey Reynolds said he would be an alternate. Rob Massie made a motion to appoint Mickey Reynolds to the TTAA as our alternate which was supported by Travis Woodward and passed 4 to 0.

B. Winter Millage Rate Request – After some discussion, Rob Massie made a motion to keep our tax rates the same as they were last year, which was supported by Travis Woodward and passed 4 to 0.

C. Snow plowing – Discussion was held about the cost of plowing the Breen Twp. sites ourselves or putting it out on bids. Rob will come up with a detailed bid package and we will ask for bids to compare the two options on a motion by Rob Massie which was supported by Travis Woodward and passed 4 to 0. The deadline for the bids will be Oct. 3 at 4 pm.


  1. A. Land swap – Easement did not work. The plan to swap land was discussed. We would give Pat + Debbie Milligan the strip of land to the east of the catholic Church and on the north of township property for everything north of the centerline of Hwy M69 to the centerline of the Cemetery Road. Rob Massie made a motion to proceed with this plan which was supported by Travis Woodward and passed 4 to 0 on a roll call vote. There is also some question about the gravel pit property that will be worked on.

  2. B. Memorial sign – Gus reported on the new Oscar Johnson Memorial sign. The cost would be $400 for the sign that he sent you via email previously. Rob Massie made a motion to buy that sign from United Sign in Quinesec for $400 which was supported by Mickey Reynolds and passed 4 to 0.

  3. C. Rescue Rig – X-Cell graphics will be coming this week to remove the lettering off the old rig and redo it on the new one. After that we will ask for bids on the old rescue rig which will be due by Oct. 3 at 4 pm.

14. Citizen’s Time #2 - None


Katie Dixon: absent

Rob Massie: None

Gus Murray: Reported that the Veterans memorial plaque in the cemetery needs a name added. Harry Peterson was supposed to be listed under WW1 vets. The cost of a name plaque would be about $115 . Mickey Reynolds made a motion to buy this name plate from B.K. Enterprises, which was supported by Rob Massie, and passed 4 to 0.

Travis Woodward: asked about when the flowers can be removed from the cemetery. The removal date is August 1st each year. They will be removed soon. The benches in the cemetery are also in bad shape. They will be removed before someone gets hurt.

Mickey Reynolds: None

18. Motion to Adjourn by: Gus Murray at 7:00 pm Support by: Rob Massie Vote: Passed 4 to 0.

September 6, 2022 Breen Twp. Meeting Minutes
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