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Breen Twp. Jobs posting


W2308 Hwy M69


NOTICE posted June 6,2023

The Breen Township Board will be appointing/reappointing/hiring members to all boards, committees, commissions, etc. at their July 2023 regular meeting, including the following:

Planning Commission

Board of Review

Tri-Township Ambulance Authority

Fire Department Chief

Fire Dept. Secretary

Cemetery Grounds Keeper

Hardwood Hall Caretaker

Stromberg Park Grounds Keeper

Stromberg Park mower + garbage collector and Hardwood Hall mower

Dump/Transfer Station Attendant

Tax Assessor

Foster City twp. Properties mower

The above will be appointed to a two year term from July 2023 to April 30, 2025.

If you are interested in one of these positions please contact Gus Murray at 906-246-3789 or before 3 pm on June 20, 2023

Posted by Gus Murray June 6, 2023

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